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Remedy Height Chart by Elfmaid Remedy Height Chart by Elfmaid
So, I'm looking at the fun pic I did for Argo and thought... you know, Remedy looks awful long legged and long proportioned for a wee gal of about 5' 5"... soooo when I bought the new package called "Shape of a Woman" I tested her out next to what was a 5' 6" and a 5' 4" V4.

She was about 3 inches too long all over! Looks like when I went to dress her or tweak her somehow my height ref went all to hell. SO! Now I have fixed it and Rem IS truly her proper short arsed self. (Me saying that is what is earning me the raspberry nyah nyah expression you see on the left side).

Most heroines are super model skinny and tall and have legs up to their chins, but not Rem. She's a short, compact little gal who is built more like a figure skater but with more curves. I'm getting inspired to do a more athletic LOOKING heroine in contrast and Emily looking disgruntled... it'll be funny as hell.

Anyways, for those who love to draw her as fan art etc, now you finally have the correct proportions!

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LeighAD Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013
Her boobs are too gigantic to be compared to a figure skater or called compact. I'd tweak the shape of her boobs to make them look more natural, but you may find it difficult to make boobs that huge look natural. Gravity resistant ultra-big boobs are the most common superpower for comic book heroines (… and plenty of them are voluptuous instead of stick thin.

That said, she does have the worlds coolest boots.
Elfmaid Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2014  Professional General Artist
Well I suppose each person may see compact as something unique to their own inner vision- I gave Rem the boob problem cause it began as an in-joke with a friend and I  (who created our characters at the same time). *I* am busty, so the joke was to 'inflict' my very real experiences on poor Emily. Without the 'magical wonderbra costume' she does, indeed, sag realistically- and she often will complain about the 'zooms of doom' getting in her way when she has to do things like... oh, you know... RUN.

As for the figure skater thing: Interestingly, I was a figure skater until the age of 12 - spent most of my time on the ice, and saw all SORTS of bodies in the 7 years of my very intense training. There was a young woman who was even bustier than ME at 12 (I was a C cup, she HAD to be an E cup!) and man could that girl skate! O_o I honour that beautiful brunette girl by sharing her shape with Rem. ^_^

Tropes are fun, often funny and far too often quoted like bible verses- which makes me laugh my ass off. I've been teased about Rem's rack a few times, similar to being eye rolled for her healing abilities et al- but it doesn't really bother me much. I stay true to the character. ^_^ At least I add a good wry hat tip to the actually PROBLEM of being built like she is... after all, in real life we are porportioned as nature (and possibly some sick twisted divinity with a very wrong sense of humour) intended. One in-joke was that even if she DID get a reduction... with her involuntary self healing, they'd probably just grow back... at least until she learns to control that aspect of her powers. Poor woman. *face palms*

What most people consider 'voluptuous' is still pretty pathetically skinny (in my own head) - but then you're talking to a plus sized woman who has body mismorphia pretty badly (in recovery from an eating disorder)- and is very much a fat-acceptance type. Chances are MY version of voluptuous is gonna be a size 14 and above... smaller sizes need not apply. *shrugs*

Thank you for the very interesting feedback! It's been even MORE interesting to challenge my reactions, and also fascinating to hear what others think.
EccentricSage Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2011
She's cute! I really love the idea of a shorter thicker female super hero. The one-size-fits-all super hero thing is so old fashioned! (And I want those boots!)

This is the kind of shape I'd like to get into someday, if I ever manage to loose the extra weight. It sucks to realize you can loose the weight and never look like any of the characters you grew up wanting to be like. They're always ether willowy and thin, or tall wasp-wasted amazons. *sigh*
Elfmaid Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2011  Professional General Artist
Hee hee hee those (3d model) boots are called Treadz, basically sh&t kickers. Let's face it when your primary super power is healing you need all the help you can get... usually for running the hell away! LOL!

No worries about the amazons etc: Rem is closer to the average even if idealized. I keep meaning to do a comedy piece of Rem looking really PO'd while standing in a line up of the more typical superhero types. LOL! That'd be freaking priceless!
TheGreatJuanCarlos Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2011
I like her size what would you call that figure type, Its not chubby, but its not skinny its like perfect. Do you know what they refer to that size as? Nice stuff btw :D
Elfmaid Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2011  Professional General Artist
It's called Voluptuous usually, other words are curvy, plump, abundant, fecund... ^_^

Yes, Rem is not your average girl... er well, ok she's more average than MOST super heroines far as height and skinnyness. Apparently this is part of her appeal- she's not some supermodel aka "sack of antlers" (to quote a friend of mine).

I'm glad you like her AND my work! That means a lot to me, seenig as I kinda am mainsteam in so many other ways. *laughs*
Bclark43 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2010
She looks like a tough one.
Elfmaid Featured By Owner May 29, 2010  Professional General Artist
That's the funny thing, she's kinda not at the same time! ^_^ She's a healer...
Tyranaal Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2010
Get her out of the combat boots and she'll lose those extra inches.
Elfmaid Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2010  Professional General Artist
Heh you'd think so, but I actually did her height chart based on her bare feet before I put the boots on her. ^_^

But thank you for the feedback!
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